Can your team risk a poor placement?

Your stakes are higher

We find exceptional talent for your culture

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

-Jim Collins

Bruce Cooey, Founder and CEO

A misdirected hire: dilutes the vision and delays your mission.

I’ve seen it.

Executives placed haphazardly. Like a comet in an iceberg.

What could go wrong? All of it!

With the culture. With the candidate.

But a leveled-up, intuitive, proven process for founder-led and employee-owned companies, with a culture and values assessment of candidate and company, ensures all of it can go really, really right!

Founder Growth Advisors executive search and talent advisory:


Listens to what isn't said,


Sees beyond the immediate,


Strives for scrupulous understanding,


Crafts approved position specifications,


Screens for the intangibles,


Tailors custom solutions,


Communicates directly and often, and


Guarantees cost containment with a capped fee.

FGA invests in the relationship until our “find” becomes “family.”

We forage for the unspoken, the aura, the intangibles.
In the company and the candidate.
And insist on a culture fit.

Bruce Cooey, Founder and CEO, Founder Growth Advisors, says:

“People who thrive at a founder-led company embody the mission. They wear the company vision like a VR headset full of possibility. And the values are second nature. The stakes are higher for this type of company…vital to maintain their culture. So, it’s worth the hunt to find an exact fit for enduring success. For both parties.

A newly placed CFO is not going to fail because she or he doesn’t know Accounting. The failure happens when there is misalignment with core values and culture. Anyone can recruit candidates with the right resume, but not everyone can identify and match for the precise culture fit.”

Founder Growth Advisors stays focused and fearless in finding THE fit.

job placement board room

FGA specializes in placement services for founder-led and employee-owned companies. Culture alignment drives our every move. We see what others might miss to place premier-quality candidates for executive or board positions for an enduring, hand-in-glove fit and satisfying success.

Your time can’t be recouped. And the market doesn’t wait.
We won’t waste your time.
And we will earn your gratitude.

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